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American Pest Management Will Safely & Completely Remove Every Pest From Your Home!

Ridding your home of pests is not as easy as some may think.  Our staff has spent years in training; learning about all the types of treatments that are available.  There are many different types of insects that can infest your home and each one of them must be treated in a specific way if you really want to eliminate the infestation.

Most people think that over the counter sprays and chemicals are going to work the exact same way as hiring a professional, but this is a common misconception.  The fact is that the treatments American Pest uses are of the highest grade material available to anyone in the United States.  Click here to learn about the differences between “Over-The-Counter-Sprays” and the high quality American Pest Treatments.


When it comes to getting rid of bugs in your home using most over the counter sprays will typically only kill the bugs you see, but there are many more behind walls, deep in cabinets, and hiding from plain sight.  Plus, if you never find the source of the infestation, you will never completely rid your home of these pests.

Is there a way I can kill bugs myself?

Not All Pest Control Companies Are The Same!

Some actually use treatments that can be harmful to you and any animals that live in your home.

Over the past 32 years American Pest has continued to lead the pest control industry in the following categories:  bed bugs and bed bug treatments, roaches, ants, chinch bugs, stink bugs, along with all types of insects.

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What's Exactly Buggin You?

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